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The microservice architecture after the introduction of the service gateway is as above, and the overall content consists of three parts: service gateway, open-service, and service.

Smart Routing: Receive


All requests are forwarded to the backend external service open-service;

Permission verification: Only checks the user’s request to the open-service service, and does not verify the request inside the service. Is it necessary to verify requests within the service?

API monitoring: only monitors requests that pass through the gateway, as well as some performance indicators of the gateway itself (e.g., gc, etc.);

Current restriction: with monitoring, current restriction operation;

API log collection is uniform: similar to an aspect slice, it records the relevant logs of the interface when it enters and exits

The above functions are the basic functions of the gateway, and the gateway can also implement the following functions:

The author plans to build a lightweight service gateway, and the technical options are as follows:

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