As a regular software developer, who does not want to have a qualified project manager. Which of the following two types of project managers would you choose?

“Nanny” type project manager

This kind of project manager treats project team members like nannies raise their children and provides them with a comfortable working environment. In this environment, project members don’t need to be distracted by anything outside the project and can devote themselves to the project.

The day-to-day work scenario of the project team led by the nanny project manager usually looks like this:

Project team members can easily meet the project manager and can ask the project manager for help at any time;

Project team members don’t have to spend too much time on trivial and annoying administrative work;

The project team always has a harmonious and open atmosphere, everyone helps each other and learns from each other;

Each member is satisfied with the task they have undertaken;

The tools required for the project are met;

The training required for the project is supported;

The work of external stakeholders is well coordinated by the project manager;

Each member gains in the project, and their working ability and productivity are improved.

“Manage” type project manager

This kind of project manager sees himself as a “manager”, who is proficient in techniques such as Gantt charts and critical paths, and sees project team members as his subordinates, who can achieve project goals as long as the team members complete the tasks he assigns; He is very good at writing project summaries, can make a perfect report to the superior leaders, and get the affirmation of the leaders; He attaches great importance to the project team’s compliance with the organization’s rules and regulations and management processes, and is reluctant to break these rules and regulations according to the actual situation.

The day-to-day work scenario of a project team led by a managed project manager will usually look like this:

Project team members always “stay away” from the project manager because they know that they will only receive tasks from the project manager and never get help;

The big and small things encountered by project members need to be solved by themselves, whether it is technical problems or management problems, let alone life problems;

The relationship between the project team members is not so harmonious, and everyone is only willing to complete the tasks assigned to them, unwilling to help and share;

Some of the resources of the project are not guaranteed and productivity is very low;

Every member wants the project to end quickly and live like a year.

As an ordinary developer, it is self-evident which project manager to choose.

What kind of managers ordinary people need, the great man has long been determined, that is, “the servant of the people”.

This is exactly:

The essence of management is service, like a little nanny

Truly care for the project team, the results will become innumerable

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