There is no quality, where is the efficiency, what is the cost;


In the past six months, the team has pulled a fragmented application back from the edge of refactoring in an extremely tortuous way, and finally the project has returned to the rhythm of normal iteration;

At the beginning of the year, the relevant personnel of the operation system leave the company, and then after consideration by the decision-making level, they are coordinated to a business line maintenance;

The crux of the matter is that this operating system has just been developed and has not yet fully entered the use stage, and no one knows how many pits are stuffed in front;

Scheduling tasks in a maintenance tone usually means not only not affecting the development of the responsible business line, but also ensuring the normal operation of this new operating system;

Fortunately, the teammates can barely understand this matter, without too many comments, otherwise it will appear rude;

Looking back at this matter is not intended to complain, but to review the whole process of the system from collapse to the final support, and summarize the solution to the complex problem;


After the operation system entered the use stage, it successfully collapsed in line with expectations, and in just half a month, the product and project managers received more than 100 use problems, and optimization was imminent;

Experienced team: easy not to mention the word system-level reconstruction! The old bottom flipped over and said that it was optimized;

The good news is that the operating system has been nominally developed; The bad news is that the operational system is just beginning to enter the full use phase;

The good news did not break through the expectations of the team when they first took over; The bad news is that the operating system is nominally indeed developed;

Jump the pit without asking the reason, if you can bypass no one jumps; Digging a pit does not look at the depth, and the digger knows that he will not go back; The problem has been clearly laid out, and the best way is to try to solve it once and for all;

Then the contradiction point comes, under the premise of not excessively affecting the main line business, what way to solve the problem of the operation system, which is a test of the process of management and collaboration;


Obviously, while developing the main line business, randomly interspersed with the problem of operating system, it is easy to cause both sides to be thankless, the whole team will be more passive, first look at the way to deal with it;

First of all, the user will connect all the problems to the product and project managers, do a good job in the priority and characterization of the problems, and do a good job in the classification management and scenario description of the main process and modular dimensions in the optimization pool document;

Then the problem is handed over to the tester for the reproduction of the development environment, and simply output some of the cause of the problem and exception logs, which also need to be sorted out and recorded in the optimization pool;

Finally, the development of the students to solve the problem, and then submitted to the test acceptance link, the problem is solved after the release of the online, the above process of the problem has a more detailed description of the document, so the efficiency of collaboration is very high;

From the perspective of the overall process, the difference from the conventional collaboration is not obvious, that is, how to deal with the contradictions and time conflicts in the process, at this time it is very dependent on the management strategy;


Solving the problem of the main process of the operating system will be concentrated in a relatively short period of high-intensity version, and the manpower investment is also comprehensive, so as to ensure the stability and availability of the system in the early stage;

Problems that need to be optimized but are relatively marginal are promoted in a relaxed way, and the R&D cycle of the main line business is arranged during the relatively idle period of development and testing;

If there is a problem with the interruption of the process that needs urgent treatment, the scheduling time of the main line will be appropriately postponed; After solving the problem, return to the main line of development, and will take up the evening and weekend time to try to avoid delays;

Teammates who work extra overtime because of the operation of the system, and will arrange vacations in the idle rhythm; Over-busyness will lead to the state and mood of the team is depressed, and the department’s funds will be tilted to welfare, after all, the fireworks in the world are the most soothing to the hearts of mortals;

Of course, in the process of problem solving, there is no related problem again, which is most directly related to the overall quality of the team;

Finally, after six months, the entire operating system achieves the stable availability of services, and does not have a significant progress impact on the main line of business, and subsequent maintenance and development can fall to the version schedule;


There is a student with three or five years of development experience will encounter similar problems, lying flat old six in the way of leaving the job to throw out a potholed system, the teammate who took over becomes a big injustice in seconds;

From the perspective of project management, quality, time and cost need to be balanced, but from practical experience, there is no quality, time and cost are indeed insoluble;

For the product development department, how to define the quality standard, in principle, take many steps back: stable, less error;

Students with several years of development experience, especially the backend, have a deep understanding of the stability of the system and the lack of errors, and how difficult it is in the actual research and development;

Many hidden problems, or logical impreciseness, although not revealed at the time, but these troubles are like sediment in a water cup, a little shake, it will take off in place;

The problem is light and the pot is thrown, the problem is heavy, the resignation is a piece, how many old six dig the pit on the quality issue, the buried big injustice will only be far greater than the old six digging the pit;

Quality problems with the advancement of product iteration, will produce fission, if there is a data level problem, that is, nuclear fission, and will not pick the time of the outbreak;


The version is understandable, because many businesses are time-sensitive, that is, fast and high-quality and acceptable, after all, the so-called competitiveness;

The threshold for the pursuit of quality is not high, the team can multi-code people or schedule more time, and the rigorous process control can be achieved;

But the cost and time do not want to pay, which is somewhat unreasonable; The triangle of time, quality, and cost is not easy to achieve a true balance;

In R&D management, there are often emergency schedules, coping development, and when there are related problems, then consider the next coping method, continuous digging of pits, intermittent pendulum;

When there are too many problems to cope with, you can change places and continue to play, which may more or less become the reason for job hopping in the workplace, and the final result is that there is no winner;

Forced to lie flat and swing the brick movers, active or passive in the various platforms and product lines continue to jump, after the epiphany will find that where the code is the same, there is no distinction between high and low;

Any problem with the code in the project will be quickly passed from the user end to the research and development end, and the user end will be notified again after the solution, the cost of which is completely calculated, the reason can be analyzed, and whether it can be avoided is worth reflecting on;


A very common concept is that doing things right at one time is the lowest cost and the highest efficiency; Therefore, no matter how much demand there is, quality is king; If the business is affected by the poor experience of the product, then who is the real big wrongdoer among the users, platforms, and research and development?