Harbor before the deployment of the use of storage is NFS, although you can use rsync + inotify to do data synchronization to solve the single point problem, but NFS efficiency / performance is limited, not as powerful as object storage, so generally use object storage mostly, here choose MinIO object storage software, of course, you can also use Ceph or other object storage.

For an introduction to MinIO, you can refer to my article: https://www.cnblogs.com/liugp/p/16558869.html

Here use Helm to deploy MinIO, the introduction of Helm can refer to the official documentation, the deployment steps are as follows:

Add the file minio/templates/storage-class.yaml as follows:

Add pv configuration minio/templates/pv.yaml

Modify the configuration minio/values.yaml

【Tips】You need to create the corresponding directory on the corresponding node in advance.



webUI login http://local-168-182-110:30901 account password:

Add the MinIO storage service

Common command parameters:

The storage of the harbor itself service uses nfs here



Configure /etc/hosts to ignore if there is a domain name resolution

Harbor web:https://myharbor-minio.com

In the past, when using docker-engine, you only needed to modify /etc/docker/daemon.json, but the new version of k8s already uses containerd, so you need to do the relevant configuration here, otherwise containerd will fail. The certificate (ca.crt) can be downloaded on the page: Create Domain Directory

Configuration file: /etc/containerd/config.toml

Restart containerd

View minio :http://local-168-182-110:30901/

Check to see if the minio’s harbor bucket exists in the docker directory. If present, the description is made.

Image warehouse Harbor docking MinIO object storage is coming, there are questions of the small partners welcome to leave a message Oh, please be patient with the small partners Oh ~

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