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Speaking of “mind maps,” what kind of images come to mind?

Is it a software-generated information structure diagram like the one shown above in Figure 1, or a freehand visual guide diagram as shown in Figure 1 below?

Figure 1 Information structure diagram (top) and visual guide diagram (bottom)

Figure 1 Is it a mind map?

As you may have noticed, for the two diagrams in Figure 1, I used the terms “information structure diagram” and “visual guidance diagram” respectively, so the implication is that the above two diagrams are not mind maps.

“Huh? I’ve always called both of these diagrams ‘mind maps’! ”

“What kind of map is a ‘mind map’?”

So, when I say mind maps, what am I talking about?

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a note-taking tool

Using a mind map to take notes, you can make a map contain all the information, and organize the relationship between the information at any time, improve your logical thinking, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 A mind map combing through the notes of the classroom throughout the day

Frequent use of mind maps to organize notes will subtly become a person with quick thinking and clear logic.

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a reading tool

How exactly is reading efficient? How do I do thematic integration? How to truly extract the essence and use it for yourself?

As shown in Figure 3, you can not only use a mind map to take reading notes for each book you have read, but also integrate the content of different books on the same topic; Split application exercises on key knowledge in the book; You can also extract your own views in this way, and slowly cultivate your views, so that they have more practical applications and case support, and finally accumulate and precipitate into a complete content system.

Figure 3 Reading notes for a single book (top) and reading notes for multiple books on the same topic (bottom)

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a creative tool

My friends around me all say that I am a person with a lot of ideas, many people like to come to me when they don’t know what to do, listen to my ideas, and I can live up to expectations, and even give satisfactory ideas without knowing the background.

When I review this process, I will find that in fact, in the process of thinking about the problem, I have unconsciously and habitually drawn a diagram in my mind, a boundless diagram that starts from the central target problem and continues to extend outward. In this diagram, there are too many keywords and associated events that allow me to explore all kinds of unknown knowledge in the existing content, as shown in Figure 4. Therefore, creativity is not a difficult task for me at all.

Chapter 5 of the book “Guided Thinking: A Handbook for Essential Thinking Empowerment for Workplaces” will introduce you to the creative double diamond model, so that you can easily master this creative way after practicing like me.

Figure 4 Brainstorming discusses creative team building

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a way to learn

The use of mind maps to take notes helps to deliberately explore the knowledge association between different branches of mind maps, and to find the overall structure and underlying logic in the entire knowledge system of a discipline, so that your understanding of knowledge is more flexible and thorough, and you can see through the essence at a glance, so that learning is effective and systematic.

Figure 5 Some of the contents of the middle school political science class are studied and organized

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a working method

In addition to work, mind mapping is a “magic weapon”.

This working method allows you to do any work with a picture, a frame in your heart, and a plan in your mind.

Figure 6 Mind map of a week’s plan

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a way of life

In addition to studying and working, we can actually use such tools and methods every day to make life more interesting and family relationships more harmonious.

Every year, I draw a mind map on my daughter’s birthday as a birthday present for her, as shown in Figure 7. The content includes a review of the past year and an outlook for the year ahead, and as she grows up and learns to draw and write, I also involve her in the creative process, reviewing the past and planning the future with her.

This mind map has become a gift she looks forward to every year for her birthday, because this mind map contains the mother’s deep love for her daughter and the wisdom of mother and daughter co-creation.

Figure 7 Mind map birthday present when my daughter was five years old

When I say “mind map”

I’m talking about a way of thinking

From familiarity with thinking tools to mastery of thinking methods, from tangible to intangible, and ultimately transformed into our way of thinking. What kind of mindset is this?

This is a panoramic view. Seeing this mind map shows the whole picture of the whole “story”, no matter where the project is in and no matter which detail deviates, you can see the main points and find the direction at a glance, which allows participants to have enough security and a sense of control over the overall situation.

This is a global framework. Such a global framework can help us not to “see the trees before the forest”.

This is a logical structure. The reason why the mind map can continue to spread from the center to the outside is to rely on its layers of information levels, and the logical hierarchy can not only make the divergence of information “have a law to follow”, but also allow the generation of ideas to “have rules to follow”. Logical structure is the essence of mind mapping, combined with the use of keywords, will make you achieve a very surprising thinking effect.

It’s a creative path. Under the combined action of logic and creativity, the mind diverges from a straight line to the shape of the tail of a peacock on the open screen, which can be infinitely unfolded and exquisite.

This way of thinking is the way of thinking after applying the mind map and forming the method – map thinking!

When I say “mind map,” I’m talking about the above seven levels. Now gather the “Seven Dragon Balls” and prepare to “Summon the Dragon”!

If you also want to explore the world of mapping thinking, welcome to the book “Guided Thinking: A Handbook for Essential Thinking Empowerment for Professionals”!

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Publisher: Liu Enhui

Review: Chen Xinyi


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