DB engines data points out that PostgreSQL is becoming more popular. The number of new PostgreSQL users who have attempted to use the database for less than a year has grown from 6.1% in 2021 to 6.4% in 2022.

Open source was the number one reason for choosing PostgreSQL (19.3%), followed by reliability (16.5%) and scaling (9.9%). The report notes that the reasons for choosing PostgreSQL change with experience. For those who have been using PostgreSQL for less than 5 years, open source is the most important factor in choosing PostgreSQL; For those who have been using PostgreSQL for 6-10 years, reliability and open source are important; People who have used PostgreSQL for 11-15 years choose PostgreSQL primarily because of its reliability.

44% of PostgreSQL users with more than 15 years of experience have contributed to PostgreSQL at least once. “In fact, all users, regardless of their experience, contribute to the PostgreSQL community.”

55% of respondents say PostgreSQL is using more today than it was a year ago.

More than three-quarters of respondents said they use PostgreSQL for personal projects, 95% use PostgreSQL at work, and 74% use PostgreSQL for personal and professional projects.

The majority of respondents (76.2%) said technical documentation was their preferred way to learn PostgreSQL, followed by long blog posts (51.5%) and short blog posts (43.3%). Respondents with less than 5 years of PostgreSQL experience prefer videos to blog posts.

On community engagement, while some respondents cited difficulties using PostgreSQL mailing lists as the primary way to interact with the core team and the project as a whole, more than 20 percent said mailing lists were one of the ways they kept in touch with the community. Some of the other engagement channels include Slack (10%), Stack Overflow (8%), Blog (8%), Twitter (6%), and Reddit (6%).

Respondents also shared some of their favorite PostgreSQL extensions. The top rankings are:








SQL, Python, Java, shell scripting, and JavaScript/TypeScript are listed as the most commonly used languages for accessing PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL users with 0-5 years of experience are more likely to use JavaScript or TypeScript than Java; Users with more than 6 years of experience are more likely to use shell scripts to access the database.

Among respondents who used tools to connect PostgreSQL for query and management tasks, psql (69.4%), pgAdmin (35.3%), and DBeaver (26.2%) were the top three choices.

Grafana, pgAdmin, and DBeaver are the most likely visualization tools to use.

Compared to 2019 and 2021, fewer and fewer respondents said they would manage their own PostgreSQL databases. It seems that PostgreSQL users are starting to use DBaaS vendors more and more to deploy PostgreSQL. Of those who deployed PostgreSQL as Kubernetes containers, 44% used Helm, 16% used Crunchy Operator, and 7% used Zalando Operator.

Source: OSC Open Source Community

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