Abstract: Jflink On TiDBConvenient and reliable real-time data service support, sharing outline as follows:
    JFlink real-time data business solution

  1. from a story of real-time accumulation of values

  2. Flink accurately guarantees that

  3. Flink with TiDB JFlink on TiDB

  4. real-time data service supports

What is JFlink?

Multiple built-in SDKs: Redis, ES, TiDB, HTTP, gRPC

Flink’s Checkpoint mechanism can ensure the Exact Once of data processing, and there will be a failure retry mechanism in the event of an abnormal failure, and the state can be restored, so as to ensure the accuracy of data processing.

End-to-end Exactly Once is guaranteed by 2PC (two-phase commit, see the TwoPhaseCommitSinkFunction class).

Not all sinks support the 2PC protocol

  • Real-time formatting of massive business log

  • data

  • is stored based on the analysis statistics of massive

  • dataReal-time payment link analysis of TiDB/Kafka dual-stream connection map time

  • series data



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