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Some time ago, I saw that the learning exchange group of the public account said that the recent article posted by the public account was too bookish, and it seems that I still have to occasionally give everyone a little time to spend the whole time. So today I will take you to write a script for quickly joining the flock of the recently hot “sheep a sheep” mini program, the code is only for everyone to learn and use.

Without further ado, let’s get started

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Pay attention to the WeChat public account “Charles’s Pikachu”, and reply to the “sheep a sheep” in the public account to obtain.

The code is for learning communication only, please do not use it for anything else, otherwise I reserve the right to delete the corresponding code.

Development tools

Python version: 3.7.8

Related modules:

requests module;

As well as some of the modules that come with Python.

Bag grabbing tools: fiddler or stream, etc., find a convenient one for your own use.

Environment construction

Install Python and add to the environment variables, pip can install the relevant modules needed.

Other package capture tools can be downloaded and installed and configured by themselves, and will not be introduced too much here.

Quickly join the flock

Because the exchange group of the public account has actually given the answer, just need to request the interface to join the flock, so here I steal a lazy, directly copy the answer:

Then the requested headers need to include a t-value specific to each user:

For example, the result of grabbing the bag on my fruit machine is as follows (open the Mini Program and the bag grabbing tool at the same time, you can catch it by playing casually, and the domain name is

Put the t value copied down to the corresponding position of the request header, the complete code has been integrated in pytools, you only need pip to install it:

Then write a simple call code and it will be OK, for example:

The effect is as follows:

ok, you’re done, see the relevant files for the full source code


Code as of 2022-09-17 test error.

Zhihu account that updates interesting content from time to time:

Station B account for irregular updates of interesting content:

Developer headlines for synchronizing updates:

If you want to join the WeChat public account communication group, the background reply to the “communication group” can be.