There are now many platforms for updating blogs, but they are subject to various restrictions, keyword restrictions, advertising restrictions, and so on. In fact, it is also a very good choice to build your own personal blog, which is relatively free. If you buy your own domain name and server, the construction cost is relatively high, and it needs to be maintained regularly, which is obviously not very suitable for us personally. Another great option is to host our blog on the GitHub platform through the hexo blog framework, which requires no regular maintenance and is very comfortable.

introduction to hexo

what is hexo?

<font color=pink> Hexo</font> is a fast, concise, and efficient blogging framework. <font color=pink>Hexo</font> Use <font color=pink> to parse an article </font > (or other rendering engine) to generate a static web page with a beautiful theme in seconds.

Install Git

What is Git

Git is the world’s most advanced distributed version control system, which can efficiently and high-speed project versioning from small to very large. It is also an open source version control software developed by Linus Torvalds to help manage the development of the Linux kernel. Git is also the management tool of your blog platform, the later settings and management of the blog are through Git, you can go deep into the Internet to understand Git, here is not the focus of the introduction, so I will not repeat more, we go straight to the topic.

Download of Git

Windows system: download from the Git website, Git official website, Linux system: only a simple line of command code is required

sudo apt-get install git

copy the code

windows system installation steps

1. As shown in the figure, click Downloads in the official website to download,

2. according to the number of computer bits, choose 64bit or 32bit, now the computer is generally 64 bits

3. after the download is complete, find the installation package you downloaded to start the installation.

4. Click next all the way on the line, there is a step is to choose the installation path, the default is that the C disk wants to change the path, you can change it. 5. After the installation is complete, you can right-click the mouse on the desktop, select Git Base Here, enter, and view the installed version. The picture shown is the version I installed.git --version

install the node .js

what is a node .js?

Simply put, it’s JavaScript running on the server side.Node.js

Node.js is a platform built on the Chrome JavaScript runtime.

Node.jsis an event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment, based on Google’s V8 engine, which executes JavaScript very fast and performs very well.

node .js download

address: historical version is recommended that the version is not too high, there may be incompatibility problems when installing hexo in the later stage, the version i use is 14.18.1, it is not recommended to choose a higher version.

to select one with the suffix .msi, you can install software without the need to deploy environment variables. this is what i installed, so i won’t cover environment variable configuration.

installation steps for node .js

because my computer is already installed, this page is displayed. you only need to click next all the way when installing, and pay attention when choosing the installation path. remember your own installation path.

install hexo

Before installing hexo, check whether the node is successfully installed, right-click the mouse on the desktop of the computer, open Git Bash Here, enter and return the version number, as shown in the following figure:node -vnpm -v

now start installing the taobao image source

npm install -g cnpm --registry=

copy the code

if there is an error during the installation process, it is okay not to worry, it may be caused by the unstable network connection, just try it a few more times. also note that there are spaces in the mirror code, you can copy my code directly. pass and detect, return the version information, if you show your own version number is the installation success, go to the next step. < font color=green> install hexo</font >cnpmcnpm -v

cnpm install -g hexo -cli

copy the code

if it fails, try it a few more times, and then check whether the installation is successful after installation.

hexo -v

copy the code

returns version information, as shown in the figure

up to now, all of our pre-deployment work has been completed, if you encounter problems in the pre-deployment process, you can send me a private message, will try to answer. you can also add me wechat, i can see the message faster, after all, i will not pay attention to private messages for 24 hours.