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Flink goes from beginner to proficient Series of articles

  • IDEA, full name IntelliJ IDEA, is an integrated development environment for the Java language, IDEA is recognized in the industry as one of the best Java development tools, especially in intelligent code assistant, code automatic hinting, refactoring, J2EE support, Ant, JUnit, CVS integration, code review, innovative GUI design and other functions can be said to be extraordinary.

  • IDEA’s official website download address: IDEA download address


  • due to frequent eye use in development, resulting in the deterioration of many developers’ eyesight, although theme plugins can not improve development efficiency , but this time a comfortable theme can make developers more comfortable to develop.

The first one: Xcode-Dark Theme: Xcode-Dark Theme

theme download address


second paragraph: Vuesion Theme:

Vuesion Theme theme download address


third paragraph: One Dark theme:

One Dark theme theme download address


fourth paragraph: Dark

Purple Theme:

Dark Purple Theme download address


The above 4 themes are my favorite themes, The theme download can be downloaded in the idea plugin or in the official website plugin. The link has been given.

Download in IDEA: Search for these 4 plugins to download.

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