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The hadoop ecosystem has a wide range of technologies, and HDFS is mainly used to save the underlying data.

Hbase is a NoSQL and the core component of the Hadoop ecosystem, which has massive storage capabilities and excellent random read and write capabilities.

ClickHouse is a columnar database management system (DBMS) for online analytical processing query (OLAP), which can use SQL statement queries to generate analytical data reports in real time, and it has excellent data storage capabilities.

Write the process

Read the process

Clickhouse is an analytical database, in this scenario, the data is generally unchanged, so Clickhouse’s support for update and delete is relatively weak, and actually does not support the standard update and delete operations.

Clickhouse implements updates and deletes by altering methods, and it calls the update and delete operations mutations.

The update and delete operations of standard SQL are synchronized, that is, the client must wait for the server to reverse the execution result (usually the int value); The update and delete of the clickhouse are implemented asynchronously, when the update statement is executed, the server immediately reverses, but in fact, the data has not changed at this time, but is waiting in line.

Hbase is better suited for unstructured data storage, and ClickHouse has efficient query capabilities


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