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Flink Hive Source inferrs source parsing with parallelism

there are two configurations in HiveOptions public static final ConfigOption TABLE_EXEC_HIVE_INFER_SOURCE_PARALLELISM =        key( “table.exec.hive.infer-source-parallelism”)                .defaultValue(true)                .withDescription(                         “If is false, parallelism of source are set by config.\n” +                        “If is true, source parallelism is inferred according to splits number.\n”); public static final ConfigOption TABLE_EXEC_HIVE_INFER_SOURCE_PARALLELISM_MAX =        key(” table.exec.hive.infer-source-parallelism.max”)                .defaultValue(1000)                .withDescription(“Sets max infer parallelism for source operator.”) ; table.exec.hive.infer-source-parallelism: The default value is true, which means that the parallelism of.

Flink Iceberg Source parallelism inferrs source code parsing

Iceberg provides two configurations: public static final ConfigOption TABLE_EXEC_ICEBERG_INFER_SOURCE_PARALLELISM =  ConfigOptions.key (“table.exec.iceberg.infer-source-parallelism”)      .booleanType()      .defaultValue(true)      .withDescription( “If is false, parallelism of source are set by config.\n” +          “If is true, source parallelism is inferred according to splits number.\n”); public static final ConfigOption TABLE_EXEC_ICEBERG_INFER_SOURCE_PARALLELISM_MAX =  ConfigOptions.key( “table.exec.iceberg.infer-source-parallelism.max”)      .intType()      .defaultValue(100)      .withDescription(“Sets max infer parallelism for source operator.”); table.exec.iceberg.infer-source-parallelism: The default is true, which means that the parallelism of the source is configured.